United Methodist Women's Program Minutes
8 March 2016, 10 AM Meeting

Co-President Nancy White called the meeting to order with Pastor Grant offering the opening prayer.

Betty Griffin presented the program “It Belongs to God”. From Mathew 6:21, we read that “...where your treasures are, there will your heart be also...”, and from Randy Alcord, who says “My heart always goes where my money is.”

Billie Gilcrease and Betty Griffin addressed the card ministry. Thinking of You: Barbara Briggs, Jim Crain, Bert and Kathryn Butaud; Birthday: Joan Rooth, Wilmer Byers; Encouragement: Annette Smith, JoAnn Varnum, Robert Roberson, Janie McAnally.

The minutes will stand as emailed and posted. Shirley presented the treasure's report; it was also accepted. A budget committee was appointed to redistribute our approximately $2800. Our last budget was set up for over $7000. The committee consisted of Shirley Bynum, Tommye Carlson, Nancy White, Margaret Byers. (Betty Griffin sat in as consultant.) A meeting following the UMW meeting was held. Please pray about disassociating from the District; we will vote at the next meeting. Margaret Byers did update us on the Geneva money that they are donating between us, the UMM, and the Youth. When the bills are paid, that money is coming – probably the next board meeting.

Carole Teagle reported for Salvation Army (UCS) that they need blue jeans, especially, but all donations are appreciated.

Under unfinished business, Nancy asked for ideas of anything that could be done better for the next rummage sale.

The Spring Festival, Saturday, the 19th, was finalized. A work day to clean tables/chairs was set for Wednesday, the 16th.

For the Style Show, November 11, Darlene Nolan for the MC, and Kathy Kercheval for hair have agreed to participate. Vendors possibilities are: Lux in Nacogdoches, Heartstrings in San Augustine, Primz and Tis the Season in Hemphill, and Rachel's in Pineland.

Carole reported on special programs coming up and discussion was to invite interested parties outside UMW. On 4/26/16, Mr Eddie Postell will present “Birthplace of the Methodist Church”.

Also, on 9/13/16, Loretta Bedford will present “Human Trafficking”.

Tommye Carlson, Secretary

Attending: Pastor Grant, Margaret Byers, Shirley Bynum, Tommye Carlson, Pat Friese, Billie Gilcrease, Betty Griffin, Jane Howell, Charlotte North, Shirley Perkins, Louise Smith, Lynn Smith, Carole Teagle, Jean Ann Whittington, Nancy White


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